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Virtual Internships
In this series of video you will be introduced to Virtual Internships, Zoom Meetings, best practices and more.
Remote Work Ethics and best practices
In this topic we will learn about the best practices when working online, and what is expected from you, and what should you do and don't.
Prepare yourself for Online Internship and Remote Work
About Lesson

Work from home or remotely now? With over 12 years of experience working from home (after getting laid off in 2008 during a similar world crisis), I wanted to film this video to help you if you’re having to work from home or remotely for the first time, especially if you know you’ll be doing this for a while.

There are a ton of challenges you’ll face working from home. How will you remain productive? How will you make sure you don’t overwork yourself? How will you communicate with those around you, like kids, your partner or roommates?

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