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Virtual Internships
In this series of video you will be introduced to Virtual Internships, Zoom Meetings, best practices and more.
Remote Work Ethics and best practices
In this topic we will learn about the best practices when working online, and what is expected from you, and what should you do and don't.
Prepare yourself for Online Internship and Remote Work
About Lesson

How to Introduce Yourself to a Virtual Team / Are you starting with a new virtual team and you’re wondering how to introduce yourself online? This video will teach you the right way to make a strong online introduction to a new team if you don’t have much experience knowing how to introduce yourself virtually.

We’ll talk about:

– The best tips for self introduction to virtual team

– How to introduce yourself to a virtual team quickly and professionally

– How to handle your first day at work with remote teams

– A simple but effective virtual introduction example

– And more!

So, if you’re struggling with figuring out how to introduce yourself to a new team online, this video will teach you the best way to interact with new virtual teams

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