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Virtual Internships
In this series of video you will be introduced to Virtual Internships, Zoom Meetings, best practices and more.
Remote Work Ethics and best practices
In this topic we will learn about the best practices when working online, and what is expected from you, and what should you do and don't.
Prepare yourself for Online Internship and Remote Work
About Lesson

Poor communication can quickly make for a poor virtual internship experience. Both the intern and the company need to do their part to establish communication best practices from the beginning, because it can be easy to miscommunicate in a virtual work environment. And miscommunication leads to misunderstanding…especially over email. Email communication in the workplace is super important!

In this video, I’m sharing examples of how you can be proactive, thoughtful and consistent with your communication during your virtual internship. Learn proper email etiquette — How to send professional emails, and how to effectively work with the preferred communication styles of others. Follow these communication best practices and you will quickly become the intern who everyone wants to work with. Become that person, and all sorts of new opportunities will start to pop up.

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