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Virtual Internships
In this series of video you will be introduced to Virtual Internships, Zoom Meetings, best practices and more.
Remote Work Ethics and best practices
In this topic we will learn about the best practices when working online, and what is expected from you, and what should you do and don't.
Prepare yourself for Online Internship and Remote Work
About Lesson

In this video, I go through 7 best practices for remote work. When you’re working from home, the boundaries between work and life get blurred and it’s hard to keep them separate. It’s also essential to observe some best practices and habits when working from home, from dress code to taking breaks, the best equipment to use and more.

Let’s look at these ideas that will hopefully improve the quality of life for you and your colleagues or collaborators when connecting with them over Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, etc.

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